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Whether you are planning a small cosmetic redecorating or large residential or commercial design project involving the collaborative efforts of architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and suppliers, my goal is always the same ... your satisfaction. That is why I begin the design process by listening.  Only after I have a thorough understanding of a clients goals and objectives do I begin to create design solutions.   (Read more about some of the recent design solutions created by Interiors in Harmony)

A healthy home nurtures those who dwell inside and protects them from the world beyond its walls.  It should be pleasant, economical, and energy efficient.  In addition, it should be designed with sensitivity for the environment by making use of sustainable and nonpolluting materials when possible.  (Read more...)

Interiors in Harmony was founded based upon my belief that the interior spaces in which we live and work have a profound effect on our lives.  My goal is to create interior design solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional, cost effective, healthy, nurturing, and as respectful of the environment (“Green”) as budget and circumstances will allow.  I strive to help my clients design a healthy well-balanced environment that supports their needs and objectives.   

Environmental awareness began for me as a young child growing up exploring the beautiful natural resources surrounding the Greenwich, Connecticut area.  My love for the environment expanded beyond nature as I learned of the dramatic effects our work and living environments have on our quality of life.  It is for this reason that I suggest ways for my clients to  protect our natural resources while at the same time creating beautiful and cost effective ways to protect their health and well being.

Some argue that being environmentally conscious (“Green”) is too expensive or the actions of a single person cannot possibly make a difference. I believe that sustainable change can only occur through the small actions of individuals.  We must each consider the impact on our environment when we make a choice in our lives.  Some times the best environmental choice will not be possible for either financial or practical reasons but we can at least consider them.  Great changes will occur by the small actions of many rather then the big actions of a few.  The small choices we make in our everyday life will ultimately determine our health and the health of our environment.  (See Choices, an article I wrote with my husband, first published in LA Yoga Magazine)        ...               Melissa W. Cooper, Interior Designer