It is important to consider the placement of the bedroom in the home. The ancient Chinese and Indian practices of Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra both stress that the placement of the bedroom in regards to the whole house as well as specific placement of furniture within the bedroom itself can create positive energy flows, remove potential hazardous obstacles, and create ease and harmony.  The nuances of those practices are complex but very important and should be discussed with your interior designer. 

If possible, the bedroom should be positioned to take advantage of prevailing breezes and natural light.  It should also be placed away from High Voltage power lines and the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) they create.  Prolonged exposure to EMF’s can cause stress, hypertension and cancer.  Lower levels of EMF’s can also be created by household appliances and can be as disruptive as light or noise to genuinely restful sleep.   Televisions and computers should not be placed in the bedroom, if that is not possible, draping the monitors with organic cotton fabrics before sleeping can reduce the EMF’s somewhat.  Electric wires should not be run under the bed.  In general metal objects should be kept away from the sleeping areas whenever possible.  Even beds with metal springs may acquire a slight electrical charge over time as can plastic and synthetic fibers.

Bedroom Placement

By:  Melissa W. Cooper

Interior and Architectural Design in Connecticut and New York

Placement of the Bedroom in the Home