It is essential for a healthy bedroom to have window treatments that are simple and easy to clean.  They should provide appropriate privacy, and sufficiently block out light so the pineal glands can get their require period of pitch dark to promote melatonin.  It is also important to pay special attention to the type of illumination used in the bedroom.  Combine natural light with carefully chosen energy efficient artificial illumination that uses full spectrum incandescent light bulbs, which imitate the suns natural rays.  Bright, full spectrum light manufactures vitamin D, regulates hormones, boosts the immune system, and wards off depression.   Harsh overhead lights are not conducive to sleep or romance.  Using dimmer switches can help.  Table lamps for indirect illumination and small book lights for reading in bed are optimal.  Lamps with colored shades can cast a therapeutic glow such as the use of blue tinged light to ease insomnia

Window Treatments & Lighting

By:  Melissa W. Cooper

Interior and Architectural Design in Connecticut and New York